Me as a person: I’m sure that any person who knows me would know that I have several strong passions in life, which are Italy, Breaking Bad, and writing, in no particular order. I was also raised with the solemn belief that “Hakuna Matata” ain’t no passing craze, and you should know that I’m 40% chocolate. I talk a lot, probably because there is always some new idea running around inside my head, and what I want to do here is share them with you.

Me as an author: The Lights of the Arno (coming 2016) will be my first published work. Many of the hurtles I’ve had to overcome have come from within.  I used to think that people who self-published novels weren’t “real” authors. I used to think (and still do sometimes) that no one will care about what I write. But the more I do this, the less I fear, and I love to shed that fear every day, and inspire other people to dream, to think, to listen, and to act. If you like that, you’re probably my kind of person, and you’re gonna love this site.

Contact me:

Twitter: https://goo.gl/MtDBa8

Instagram: https://goo.gl/2OAoVF