For all the things we found and didn’t find

For all the things we kept and left behind…

Maysom is a 23 year old expatriate living in Florence, Italy. He runs away to Florence after a family tragedy and a disaster with love that he can’t endure. Amid the sweeping landscapes, crowded cities, and millions who don’t know who he is, he seeks a place to be new.

Unfortunately for Maysom, Florence has no intention of allowing him to forget the past, and each person from the host of characters he meets in Florence seems more heavily invested in the past than the last. Whether it’s his roommate Simon, or Retta,  the quick witted bartender, or the mysterious girl that listens to him play the guitar every night on the Ponte Vecchio, each forces him to reconsider what he’s left behind, and with each step forward, it feels like a step behind. Collectively, this host of characters and a city steeped in history itself teach Maysom something about the tenuous nature what we leave behind, and about the inexplicably human journey of falling in and out of love with the past.