Hello! If you’re reading this page, it means that you are eligible to receive quality, professional editing from me, Timothy Hucks! You’ll want to get to know me a bit.


I graduated from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan with a degree in English Literature. During that time, I served as a writing instructor in the Writing Center, Secretary of the Nu Sigma chapter of the English Honor Society, and News Editor of the Student Movement, the school’s newspaper. Since then I have worked as a writing instructor at Appel Farm Arts Camp.

During that time, I worked with students of all types, languages, and ages, and learned specialized editing techniques for producing the best results for individual authors.

Through earning my degree, I learned to write in multiple genres and styles, including short story, scriptwriting, academic research, blogging, and more.

In 2016, I completed work on my first novel, The Lights of the Arno, which you can read a sample of here.


  • Proofreading – The Eyes: This level of editing is for something that’s pretty polished, that needs a few word changes here and there, and that could benefit from a fresh set of eyes. This is getting your novel ready for the next step of publication, and should be one of the last stages of editing.This does not include: inserting or removing characters, changing entire timelines, or the like. By signing up for this service, you’re saying: “We’re pretty much good to go here, I just don’t want to look silly with a book full of typos.”


  • Copyediting – The Hands: This level gets a little deeper in your book. Pointing out timelines that don’t makes sense, changing paragraphs for flow, and checking references and jargon are par for the course here (are you correctly saying the horse galloped or trotted?)


  • Substantive Editing – The Heart: This level is getting serious. It means that we might rearrange sentences, paragraphs, or even whole chapters. It means looking at your document as a whole to see if it conveys what you, the author, wish it to convey, and incorporating responses to drafts in future chapters.


  • Developmental Editing – The Soul: This is the highest level of editing. This is where we speak about the whole concept of your book from beginning to end. Where we nitpick details, and find plot holes, and go through multiple, multiple drafts. This is where we rip your book apart, put it back together, and it (if I do my job correctly) still says what you want it to say. This level of editing demands the highest amount of my attention, the highest level of coordination between editor and author, and is ultimately the most rewarding, after we have successfully brought your vision to life.

    And it’s my promise to you that I will do everything in my power to get that vision right.

If you or any of your friends and family need editing services, they can contact me for a quote at timothythucks@gmail.com.