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Along with Jack and Liz never getting together on 30 Rock, one of the greatest tragedies of the 21st century is an Oscar-less Leonardo DiCaprio. If you go online and check out “Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar”, you’ll be bombarded with memes of him winning an Oscar, but only in a dream, a la Inception; losing an Oscar to the bear that co-starred with him in his most recent film The Revenant; or of his face pasted onto the body of Timmy Turner’s dad, dejectedly showing the viewer where he’d put his Oscar……”IF I HAD ONE!”

It’s no longer up for debate that Leo puts out some major quality in Hollywood, and I think a strong case can be made that he is among the greatest actors that we have alive and working today. And despite this, despite the fact that dude has been pumping out blockbuster after blockbuster of deep, nuanced, transformative work ever since he was a child, he still gets no recognition for it. He might get a Golden Globe, but when you’re as talented as Leo, the Golden Globes must be like sitting at the kiddy table while Streep and DDL talk to the other grownups.

And though it’s easy for the rest of us to focus on Leo having as much Oscar as Rufus the Naked Mole Rat has hair, I take it from a different stance. And once I think of it this way, it makes sense:

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t need an Oscar, and he never did.

Listen, I’m not professing to know the psychology of the man. Maybe it does naggle him a bit that he hasn’t snagged that sweet sweet W, or maybe it doesn’t bother him at all. All I know, from an outside perspective, is that that is clearly not why he does what he does.

It’s damn near impossible to squeeze out 3 decades of killer work because you want an Oscar. Hell, few goals like that will get you to the heights of stardom that Leo currently enjoys, and the people who do it for the Oscar have been watching people like Leo slay it from their couch for the past 30 years because they tapped out during their first.

So why does Leo still act?

Because creative living demands more of you than that you enjoy the attention or like the accolades, and Leo clearly has that down. He’s going to continue to pump out A-grade films whether he gets an award or not, for the same reason I’ll write this blog if 1 or a million people read it – for no reason more or less than that it is what we do. The quiet insistence upon carrying the flame of your art, even if no one else will is powerful. It’s that flame, not a tiny golden man, that truly lights up the screen in the first place.

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